Office Improv

I used to work with a guy named Brendan Huffman. We had boring corporate cubicle jobs we detested.

Every once in a while at the end of the workday Brendan would stroll into my cube holding his Flip camera. It was already recording. I was given no warning. He would ask me a ridiculous question and I would have to riff on that question for a minute or so.

Sometimes he would send me into a conference room or storage closet and tell me to wait until he came in to film. On rare occasion I was given a concept beforehand.


This is the end result of that project. You may have to turn your sound up. I didn’t want to be too loud and get in trouble with my boss.

I was unable to figure out the chronological order for these. Sorry:

First Edition

Weird Schedules






Glenn Cupps

Your Eyes Are What?

Giggles Pt II

The Hug

Emotional Problem

Is This An iPhone?

New Word For Sale

Fire Drill