I wrote a novel called Lost Touch. Here’s a brief description:

Lina Colella is one of the most powerful psychics in the country. She’s helped the police solve over 180 murders and missing persons cases.

Her most dire case has just arrived: her brother-in-law was gunned down, the latest in a number of serial killings. And just when Lina needs her power most, a tragic accident puts an abrupt end to her physic gift.

Despite losing her abilities, her faith in God, and her faith in herself, Lina vows to find the killer anyway. She keeps the loss of her powers hidden so she can work side by side with the local police.

She only has fifteen days to find the killer before another innocent victim is murdered. As she unravels the clues, she realizes the killer is closeby, and her family is in mortal danger.

Can Lina confront her biggest weakness and her darkest fears to solve the most important case of her life?

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I wrote a novel called Cube Sleuth. Here’s a brief description:

BOBBY PINKER hates his humdrum corporate job. He only has one friend at work, a comedian named Ron. Just as their friendship starts to blossom, Ron is found dead in the office parking garage.

The police rule Ron’s death a suicide, but Bobby becomes convinced one of his coworkers murdered him. He starts snooping around the office, slipping voice-activated tape recorders under desks, breaking into the HR filing cabinet, and tailing people home.

Bobby’s investigation will likely get him fired. It will possibly get him arrested. And if he isn’t careful, it just might get him killed.


Here’s the first chapter:

Cube Sleuth Sample Chapter

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