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I am Dave Terruso. This is my site.

Above you can see a picture of the entire front of my head, the front of my neck, and a good portion of the top of my chest and shoulders. The rest of me is just more of the same; I didn’t crop the picture to hide a robotic or octopusian rest-of-body.

I’m a storyteller.

Some of my stories are funny and silly.
Some are dark and tragic.
Some are all four of those things.

All of my story are honest.

They may not all be true stories, but they’re all honest. I write about what it’s like for me to be a human being. I’m pretty bad at being a human, and I put my mistakes and flaws on display for you to examine—so you can point and laugh, so you can identify, so you can understand your own mistakes and flaws.

I refuse to take myself seriously, and I have a very low tolerance for people who don’t know how to laugh at themselves. People are funny. We trip and fall, we fart and burp, we accidentally spit on people when we’re talking. Life is messy and everyone is clumsy.

I’m honest about the millions of little lies that make up our existence. I’m honest about the fact that the truth beneath those lies is beautiful and ugly in equal measures.

I always write in first-person-present-tense. I want you to become my main character and live in his mind for the duration of the story. You’ll only see what he sees and know what he knows. By the end, you’ll know him as well as your best friend.

My main characters are not the best at what they do (or at least not anymore). They are normal people who don’t always do the right thing. You may not always agree with them, but you’ll root for them.

I am not the voice of my generation, but I am a product of my generation. I am a voice for middleclass America, for loners, for underdogs.

I love mysteries because they force the reader to question everything. My mysteries are always tied to the theme of the story, and uncovering the mystery requires understanding the theme. I promise you a puzzle you’ll have a tough time cracking, but if you’re only in it for the surface mystery, you’ll miss out on the most important part—the true mystery is who am I, who are you, and what are we doing here?

Throughout all this deep introspection, I will crack you up. You’ll laugh at me, at my characters, and at yourself. You will be, in a word, entertained.
I am also a stand up comedian. I work at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia, where I have opened for acts including Gilbert Gottfried, Dana Gould, Charlie Murphy, Maria Bamford, and Richard Lewis.

I am also also a sketch comedian. My sketch comedy duo Animosity Pierre have been praised by TIME Magazine and the Preston and Steve Morning Show. We were official selections of the 2010 Chicago Sketchfest and the 2010 San Francisco Sketchfest.

I also also also co-founded Philly Sketchfest, now in its sixth year and part of Comedy Month, the largest festival in Philadelphia dedicated solely to comedy.
That’s everything about me that I consider pertinent.

If you want to contact me to do a show, write you some words, or split a pizza (only mozzarella and ricotta please), click the Contact Me button on the sidebar.