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Free-for-All Audio Clip: You May Be Right-Wing

Wednesdays offer random audio clips here at Electronic Detective.

I was flipping through the FM dial on the radio last night at dinnertime when I came across a really weird conservative talk show called You May Be Right-Wing.

Take a listen:


Meet the Munch

Blog readers,

Tomorrow I will post the first Story Tag entry by my very funny, very smart blog partner, Dave Munchak.

I wanted to introduce you to him first.

I was going to post a picture of him but he asked me not to because he has had a problem with male stalkers in the past.

In lieu of a picture of him, here’s a picture of a koala bear eating leaves and looking surprised:


Like me, Munchak has a solid beard.

Unlike me, he has a great head of hair.

Like me, he’s pale and hairy.

Unlike me, he’s tall as shit.


I asked him for a bio, and he gave me this:

Dave Munchak resides in Chicago, Illinois and is looking forward to the latest entry of his favorite film series, TR4N$4MER$ 4: TR4N$4M INTO D4RKNE$$.


Between that and the fact that he signed the Story Tag Pact as “Tim Tebow,” you can start to get a picture of the man. He doesn’t take things very seriously, in a good way. In person he has a great deadpan delivery and a subtle cadence.

Dave and I met at La Salle University in 1998. He had a bit part in my then-girlfriend Jaime’s one-act The World’s A Stage. For some reason, Jaime was convinced he had a British accent, and to this day refers to him as “that British guy from my play.” (Jaime and Munch have never actually met outside of the play she wrote.) I actually didn’t hang out with Dave until a year later.

I don’t know anyone who can make me laugh as easily and consistently as he does. I’m very excited that he agreed to do this Story Tag project with me.

He had his own amazing blog called Free Soup With Purchase. Give it  a read, it’s hilarious.

Check back tomorrow and get your first case of The Munchies!

That was weak. I’m sorry. Please check back tomorrow despite how dumb that was.



Free-for-All Audio Clip: The Last Page Part 1 Heartburn

Wednesdays offer random audio clips here at Electronic Detective.

Today’s entry is the first installment of what will be a recurring series called The Last Page of a Story You Haven’t Read.

Listen and enjoy:

Storytelling: Survival

The story of me being bullied in high school and learning to become a comedian.

First Contact

Dear You,


Welcome to my blog, ELECTRONIC DETECTIVE.

My name is Dave Terruso. I’m a writer and a comedian.

I will be posting new original comedy content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

On Mondays and Fridays, read the latest entry in Dave and Dave’s Story Tag,  a series of tag-team short stories written by Dave Munchak and me, 100 words at a time.

On Wednesdays, listen to funny audio clips, typically under three minutes–unless it’s a special occasion.

You can also see clips of my stand up, old funny things I wrote, and sketch comedy I made with my partner Matt Lally.

If you like my writing style and sense of humor, please consider buying my debut novel, Cube Sleuth, an amateur detective mystery set in a boring corporate office. It’s dark, twisted, dirty, and funny. It will be available for purchase in a few weeks. In the meantime, give the sample chapter a read, it’s only three pages.

Thanks for visiting!